NINDEJIN 4/5/6pcs Damaged Screw Extractor Drill Bit Extractor Drill Set Broken Speed Out Bolt Extractor Bolt Stud Remover Tool


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Brand Name: NINDEJIN


Type: Other

Origin: Mainland China

length: 50mm

Model Number: QCQ-BS/QCQ-DN/QCQ-DT

Material: High Carbon Steel

Use: Metal Drilling

is_customized: Yes

Certification: NONE

Type: 0# 1# 2# 3# 4#

Material: double head: HSS 4341; hex shank single head: HSS 4241

QTY: 4/5/6pcs

Finish: Plain/Titanium-plated/Nickel-plated

Suitable material: low carbon steel, 4.8/8.8 grade steel,

Not suitable: pure stainless steel, high hardness carbon steel

Choice: yes



You might be worried about:


1.The drill not sharp, can't drill? Thread part damaged, can't work?




Answer: Drill part just for drilling a shallow pit but not a very deep hole, so our drill bit design can totally work enough. Damaged thread still has huge friction, cna easily take out the damaged screw. If you get one damaged thread, we accept refund or return, but we recommend that you try the item first instead of asking us for a refund first, for we also don't want you to waste time waiting for new items.


2.The drill thread is soft material, poor quality?


Answer: I have noted that this extractor is NOT suitable for high hardness screws, unless you have good skills to remove it, some of our customers can do it. And use a correct size and method to remove a damaged screw is very important.


Product description:

1. [APPLICABILITY] Remove the broken or damaged screws.

2. [EASY TO USE] Just 3 easy steps. Removes every stripped screw in 10 seconds or less!

3. [MATERIAL]: NINDEJIN double tip damaged screw remover is made of high speed steel 4341; hex shank(single tip) 1/4" is made of high speed steel 4241.

4. [DIFFERENT SIZE AND TYPE] This screw remover set itself comes with four/five different sizes bits. Two sides can be used. So it can be used on any screw types / size. The hex shank 1/4" Threaded head design for better grip and better use;

5. [What you get] 4/5/6pcs damaged screw remover and a storage box.

6.Suitable material: low carbon steel, 4.8/8.8/10.9/12.9 grade steel

Note: If you have any confusion, please feel free to cantact us, we will answer your question with professional attitude.

4/5/6 * screw extractor
1 * plastic case
Remover 0 # diameter 2-3mm
Remover 1 # diameter 3 – 5mm
Remover 2 # diameter 4 – 8mm
Remover 3 # diameter 5 – 10mm
Remover 4 # diameter 6 – 12mm

★Warning: Due to the titanium-plated type screw extractor is coated on the product surface, it's easy to wear away during use, if you mind it, please buy the plain type.

Tips for using:

1. Firstly, using drill head to penetrate drill, be careful not to use the impact hammer gear, with the normal screwdriver gear.

2. Secondly drilling time to the slowest speed, there is a fixed speed with fixed speed, no in the end speed file a certain to be able to evenly rotate.

3. After the volley speed is stable and then aligned with the top of the screw center for a long time. Don't worry, be patient.

4. Then when you obviously felt drilled into and drilled for a while, and then for another.

5. The head rotates, puts the rotating head into the hole just drilled, presses and turns on the electric screws .It can be removed normally.

6. The whole process reverse operation!


1. The remover is designed for screws that slide or break the head, and the stuck or rusty screws need to be operated together with the flashlight drill. And the speed should be slow, do not be too high or suddenly speed up.
The whole process needs to reverse the operation, first take one head open, then take the other end out, the success rate of the removal is very high.
2. Hardness at 58 degrees -60 degrees, wood screw is no problem (not suitable for steel plate operation)
3. The remover is suitable for orthodontature screws, anti- screws are not applicable

Q: What are the skills for novices?
A: The bit speed can't be too fast, so low speed!Broken wire extractor is double-ended.
Step (1): Drill bit that head first drilling, speed needs to be based on different material settings.
The harder the material, the slower the speed of the drill
Step (2): When the extractor is taken out, the drill should be reversed, and the rotation speed should not be too fast. Otherwise, it is easy to slip the teeth. The extractor should be able to slowly remove the screws.

How to choose a correct screw extractor?

Situation1: If the stripped and damaged screws still has hat(head), you can use single side screw extractor to remove it out, but other tools are needed, such as a drill bit, to drill a hole in the screw head.

Situation1: If you would like to remove the stripped and damaged screws without hat(head), you can use double sides screw extractor to remove it out, firstly useone side(without thread) to drill a hole on the screw diameter, but needs to choose suitable size(0#,1#,2#,3#,4#), and then use another side(with thread) to drill the damaged screw out.

Both these two situations above need to use reverse.


1.Wholesalers and retailers are welcomed.
For wholesale,we will offer discount or free express shipping which only takes short time to arrive.
If you are a retailer and want make your own business, we could send the goods to your customers directly and won't leave information about us if you'd like to.

2.What should I do if I don't receive my item?
Please contact us first, we will track your item. If you can't receive it, we will full refund or resend it for you. We are honest seller, so don't worry.

3.If the products have problems how to do it?
Please contact with us in time, we will help you solve it.

About Shipping:

Kindly note: Fast shipping: we will ship your item out within 24 hours as soon as you place an order, it may need more time during holiday.



Additional information


4pcs plain, 5pcs plain, 6pcs plain, 4pcs titanium plated, 5pcs titanium plated, 6pcs titanium plated, 5pcs nickel plated


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