BIUTIFU Baitcasting Spinning Travel Carbon 4/5 Section Fishing Rods Casting Weight 5-20g Power Ultralight Lure Trout Mini Pole


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Category: Lure Rod

Brand Name: BIUTIFU

Position: Ocean Boat Fishing

Position: Ocean Beach Fishing

Position: LAKE

Position: River

Position: Reservoir Pond

Position: stream

Position: Management Field

Material: Carbon

Origin: Mainland China

Action: FAST

Top Diameter: 1.8mm

Joint Number: 4

Hardness: HARD

Choice: yes

• Carbon Material :Made of high-quality carbon material, this fishing rod is lightweight and durable, making it perfect for long fishing trips.

• Ultralight Lure :The ultralight lure feature allows for easy and precise casting, making it ideal for catching trout and other fish in small streams.

• Fast Action :With its fast action, this fishing rod allows for quick and powerful casts, increasing your chances of catching fish in a variety of situations.

• 4/5 Section Fishing Rod :The 4/5 section design of this fishing rod provides a longer and more flexible rod, making it perfect for covering a wider range of waterways.

Biutifu baitcasting spinning travel lure fishing rod

4 Section 1.80m; 5 Section 2.10m

Product feature:

1. Short shrink length, easy to carry during travel.

2. All blue appearance.

3. The solid core rod is slightly larger, and fishing will continue for a long time.

Product introduction:

1. Shrinkage length 50cm, 4/5-sections design fishing rod, easy to carry;
2. The guide ring adopts high wear-resistant LTS magnetic ring;
3. Tip is made of high elastic fiber cloth, which has light hand feel, high sensitivity and good strength;
4. Made of environmentally friendly high-performance paint and laser marking;
5. The interface adopts the gapless fitting method, and the tonality is perfectly presented;
6. Use a round hook;
7. The single-piece EVA handle is used, which is non-slip, comfortable and wear-resistant;
8. Use cloth bags for packaging.


1. The fishing rod is designed with multiple sections, and each section must be firmly connected before use;

2. After use, the fishing rod must be wiped clean before being placed in a cloth bag;

3. If you have any questions about using it, please contact us. thank you!

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Casting 1.8m, Spinning 1.8m, Casting 2.1m, Spinning 2.1m


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