Binocular12x32TOPOPTICAL Professional Remote Folding Mini Telescope BAK4 Optics for Hunting sports Outdoor Camping and Travel


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Magnification: 12x

Objective Lens Diameter: 32mm

Eyepiece diameter: 12mm

Field of View: 84m/1000m

Type: Binoculars

Water Resistance Level: IPX6.5

Origin: Mainland China

Lens Coating Description: FMC

Focus Type: CENTRAL

Prism Description: BAK4

Model Number: YJ0045-1

Material: Metal

Coating: FMC

Weight: 280g

Application Scenario: Trip, camping, hiking, fishing, golf, etc.

1. High clarity: With a magnification of 12 times, it provides a high-definition observation experience, allowing for unobstructed views of both distant landscapes and the microscopic world in close proximity.

2. Large objective aperture: A 32mm objective aperture can collect more light, provide brighter observation images, and maintain clarity even in dim light environments.

3. Strong portability: Lightweight design, compact size, weighing only about 280g, convenient to carry, suitable for outdoor activities and travel.

4. Good stability: With shockproof and waterproof design, it can be used stably in various harsh environments, whether it's wind, snow, or rough terrain.

5. Excellent image quality: The professional level Paul II prism and flat field mirror make every corner of the image bright and clear, providing you with the highest quality observation experience.

6. Long and Durable: Made of high-quality materials, it is durable and has no need to worry about service life issues. Both professionals and ordinary users can purchase and use with confidence.

7. Shockproof and waterproof design: This telescope has shockproof and waterproof functions, which can withstand various harsh environments such as wind, rain, snow, and terrain conditions when used outdoors.

This 12×32 binocular not only has excellent performance and characteristics, but also is convenient to use and suitable for various groups of people.

【Product Parameter】

1. Type: Binoculars

2. Magnification: 8x/10x/12x

3.Objective lens diameter: 21mm/25mm/32mm

4. Eyepiece diameter: 11mm/12mm/12mm

5. Field of view: 100m/1000m(8X21)  78m/1000m(10X25)  84m/1000m(12×32)

In the absence of solar film protection, it is forbidden to use a telescope/binoculars to look directly at the sun, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage to the eyes!!!


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12X32, 10X25, 8X21

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CHINA, United States, Russian Federation


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