Beautilux Primer Rubber Base Top Coat Velvel Matte Top Coat Nail Art Degisn Clear Blossom Blooming Gel Foil Transfer Gel 10ml


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Brand Name: Beautilux

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Ingredient: Resin

Volume: 10ml

Model Number: Gel Polish 157-168

Quantity: 1pc

NET WT: 10ml

Type: Gel Polish

Certificate: MSDS, SGS

Volume: 10 ml

Warranty: 12 months

Net Weight: 40g ( including bottle)

Composition: UV curable resin

Quantity: 1pc

Product 1: Acidless Primer

Product 2: Gel Polish Base Coat

Product 3: Rubber Base Coat

Product 4: Rubber Top Coat No Wipe

Product 5: No Wipe Top Coat

Product 6: Top Coat with Sticky Layer

Product 7: Reinforce Base Builder

Product 8: Matte Top Coat No Wipe

Product 9: Velvet Rubber Matte Top Coat

Product 10: Nail Art Blossom Gel

Product 11: Nail Art Foil Transfer Gel

Product 12: Nail Art Rhinestone Gel



01-Acidless Primer(BP000)

Degrease oily and moisture substence, enhance adhesion of base coat

02-Peel Off Base Coat(BPB000)

Used for nail art practice, or for those who what to change nail styles every day

03-Rubber Base(BRB000)

An adhesive layer, make gel color last longer.

04-Rubber Base Thick(BRBT000)

A thick base coat offers excellent adhesive layer, can also make a D shape on nail plate.

05-No Wipe Top Coat Reinforced(BNT000)

A thin top coat, without fluorescence.

06-Rubber Top No Wipe (BRT000)

A thick top coat, without fluorescence, suggest to use on glitter colors.

07-Rubber Top Sticky(BRTS000)

A top coat with sticky layer, with fluorescence.

08-Rubber Matte Top Coat(BMT000)

A top coat gives your nails a soft touch elegant matte effect, with sticky layer. Free of fluorescence.

09-Matte Top Coat No Wipe(BMT001)

A matte top coat without sticky layer. Free of fluorescence.

10-Reinforce base builder(BUB000)

A multi functional reinforce gel, with strong adhesive and hard after curing. Can be used as base coat, reinforce gel, builder gel and rhinestone gel. Without fluorescence.

11-Leveling Reinforce Gel(BLR000)

A reinforce Gel specially designed to create D shape on nails, help to make nails with excellent curve. Without fluorescence.

12–Foil Transfer Gel(BZY000)

A clear gel used to transfer patterns from nail foil.Without fluorescence.

13-Blossom Gel(BYR000)

A clear gel used to make blossom designs.Without fluorescence.

14-Rhinestone Gel No Wipe(BNZ000)

A no wipe clear gel used to stick rhinestones, glitters to nail.Without fluorescence.

15-Liquid Nail Tape (BFY001)

Used To Protect skin around nails from stain of gels. No need to cure. Dry time: About 1 minute.

Product Description:
Product Name: Beautilux Gel Polish clear gels
Product Type: 3 step nail gel polish
Content: 10ml
Certificate: SGS/MSDS
How to apply:
1. Prep nails, apply Beautilux Primer, no need cure
2. Apply Beautilux rubber base, cure for 30s
3. Apply Beautilux gel polish color for a thin layer, cure for 60s
4. Apply another layer of gel polish color, and cure for 60s
5. Apply Beautilux No Wipe Top coat, cure for 60s.
How to remove: Buff off the top coat, use cotton with acetone, wrap with foil for 10 minutes. Or use removal gel for 2 minutes.




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Acidless Primer, Peel Off Base Coat, Rubber Base, Rubber Base Thick, No Wipe Top, Rubber Top No Wipe, Rubber Top Sticky, Rubber Matte Top, Matte Top No Wipe, Reinforce Base, Leveling Reinforce, Foil Transfer Gel, Blossom Gel, Rhinestone No Wipe, Liquid Nail Tape

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