Archery Arrow Launcher Orbital Compound Bow Recurve Bow Arrow Track with 6 Pcs Pure Carbon Arrows Hunting Shooting Accessories


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Brand Name: Sharrow

Type: Bow and Arrow

Age: >8 Years

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Bow Launching Orbital

Item Name: Arrow Track

Color: Black

Material: ABS+Aluminum Alloy

Size: 80.5*10.7*4.8cm

Arrow Material: Pure Carbon Arrows

Arrow Length: About 60cm(23.6inch)

Arrow Shaft Length: About 56.2cm(22inch)

Arrow Feather: 2pcs 4 inch Red Rubber Feather

Arrow Weight: About 21.7g/pc

Arrowhead: 100 grain Thread Arrowhead

Arrow ID: 6.2mm

Arrow OD: 6.5mm

Product Total Weight: About 1245g

Package Weight: About 1418g

Package Size: About 93*8.6*5cm

Fit for: Compound/Recurve Bow

Quantity: 1*Arrow Track+1*stand+6*arrows

Archery Launching Orbital Arrow Track Launcher 6pcs Pure Carbon Arrows fit Compound Bow/Recurve Bow Hunting Shooting Accessories

-ltem Name:Arrow Track
-Material:ABS+Aluminum Alloy
-Arrow Material:Pure Carbon Arrows
-Arrow Length:About 60cm(23.6inch)
-Arrow Shaft Length:About 56.2cm(22inch)
-Arrow Feather:2pcs 4 inch Red Rubber Feather
-Arrow Weight:About 21.7g/pc
-Arrowhead:100 grain Thread Arrowhead
-Arrow ID:6.2mm
-Arrow OD:6.5mm 
-Product Total Weight:About 1245g
-Package Weight:About 1418g
-Package Size:About 93*8.6*5cm
-Fit for:Compound/Recurve Bow
-Quantity:1*Arrow Track+1*stand+6*arrows
-Instructions for use:
1. Firstly, install the continuous archery bracket, and the arrow module can be filled with various models of bow handle brackets to be installed horizontally.
2. The bracket angle can be adjusted forward and backward according to the bow string position, and the bow handle fixing module can also be adjusted.
3. Remove the screws and the rear spreading system can be removed.
4. Adjust the bracket so that the bowstring is exactly in the middle of the gap.
5. Install the spreading system.
6. Fix screws.
Note: The above parameters are all manually measured and may have errors. Please refer to the actual product for specific information.

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