AILKE Super bleaching body lotion,black spot corrector,use for face and body,suitable for black skin,korean whitening skin care


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Brand Name: AILKE

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Gender: Unisex

Origin: Mainland China

Type: Facial Cleanser


Item Type: Cleanser

Model Number: Brightening moisturizing whitening body lotion

Country/Region of Manufacture: China

Feature: Whitening

Ingredient: Glutathione, nicotinamide, shea butter, collagen, carrot oil,

Suitable Skin Type: Oily, Combination, Dry, Normal

Expiration Date: 36 Months

Suitable Age: Any Age

Advantage: Refreshing, Not Oily, Easy To Be Absorbed

Efficacy: Whitening Anti-aging Moisturizing Hydrating

















































































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Bleaching&Whitening Body Lotion,Suitable For Face And Body


1. Large bottle of 500ML, suitable for whitening face and body, brightening skin tone

2. 24-hour long-lasting moisturizing, refreshing, non-greasy, easy to absorb, non-comedogenic

3. Focus on the black skin and dark skin skin care products market for decades, with rich whitening experience

Three Major Ingredients Deep Whitening

Whitening And Brightening

1. Glutathione factor is specially added to make the skin white from the inside out and naturally brighter. The classic whitening molecule nicotinamide can promote skin metabolism

2. Arbutin molecules are small and easy to absorb, which improves the dullness of the skin. Even skin tone, whitening three times, brightening layer by layer

Skin Restores Elasticity

1. Improves the elasticity of the skin young and elastic

2. Multiple kinds of organic plant-based vitamins can repair the skin, repair, moisturize and make the skin glow transparent

3. Niacinamide inhibits melanin, brightens the skin, brightens the complexion, and improves dullness

Anti-Oxidant Repair Skin

1. Powerful repair, resist free radicals

2. The skin-friendly native collagen molecule moisturizes, promotes the regeneration of skin collagen, improves the elasticity of the skin, and makes the skin young and elastic

3. Natural vitamin e can effectively resist skin oxidation, make the skin white and smooth, maintain elasticity and luster, and have a light and thin texture that can be easily absorbed. It provides long-term moisturization to the skin and can effectively brighten the skin.

Packing Method

The pumps and caps will be packed separately before shipping for ensuring the seal of each products


Actual Feedback From Users

1. It is very suitable for black skin. I have used this product for many years. It is safe and has good whitening and anti-freckle effects. It is good value for money,highly recommended ! !
From_ Doyin Owoseni

2. Since using Ailke,my skin has become whitening and smooth.I like Ailke's products very much,They are gentle and moisturizing,suitable for my skin.I have been a fans of Ailke for many years!
From_Haja Jalloh

































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