85W 3000RPM Automatic Intelligent Lawn Mowing Machine Automatic Charging with Rain Sensor Automatic Mower


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Brand Name: Ashata

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Automatic Mower

Motor type: Brushless

Certification: ce

Type: Robotic Mowers

Forward Speed: Intelligent

Cutting Width: Intelligent

Feature: Antistall

Feature: Height Adjustable Handles

Feature: High Torque

Feature: Mulch

Feature: Self Propelled

Certification: NONE

Feature 1: Intelligent Mower

Feature 2: Intelligent Mowing Machine

Feature 3: Automatic Robotic Lawn Mower

Feature 4: Automatic Lawn Mower

Feature 5: Automatic Mower

85W 3000RPM Automatic Intelligent Lawn Mowing Machine Automatic Charging with Rain sensor US Plug 110‑220V


1. Sensors: The entire top cover is removable. The front and sides of the mower are equipped with collision sensors that will activate when the mower hits a solid fixed object when the object is at least 6 cm vertical height from the mower’s support surface. When the collision sensor is activated, the mower will work in reverse.
2. Automatic Rain Shelter: There are two rain sensors on the mower. When it rains, the mower will automatically return to the charging station. The rain sensor can be selected “on/off” from the control panel. On: If it rains, the mower will go home. Off: The mower will continue to mow when it rains.
3. Automatic Charging: When the mower detects that the battery is low, it will turn off the cutting motor and search for a virtual cord. Once found, it will automatically follow the virtual cord to a charging station for recharging. When charging is complete, the mower will step back a few centimeters and be ready to start up again in standby mode.
4. Dual Mode: The mower has two cutting modes, straight and circle (high efficiency). In automatic mode, the mower can intelligently select the cutting mode. If the grass is sparse or cut, it will go all the way, if the grass is dense or long, it will go in a circle. In manual mode, the mower will turn to the position you direct it to.
5. Overload Protection: Brushless cutting motors and each of the two running motors are continuously monitored during operation to prevent any conditions that could cause these motors to overload.
6. Anti Theft System: The mower has a password protection option to prevent theft. What’s more, the mower cannot be turned on without a charging station.


Item Type: Automatic Intelligent Lawn Mowing Machine
Product Material: ABS Alloy
Weight: 16550g / 583.78oz
Product Size: 52x39x27cm
Product Speed: 3000rpm
Product Voltage Specifications: US Plug 110-220 V
Cutting Speed: 35m / min
Rated Power: 85W
Noise: ≤60db
Number of Cutting Blades: 3 Pcs
Cutting Height: 2.5-5.5cm
Cutting Width: 21cm
Climbing Capacity: 30 degrees maximum slope
Maximum Ambient Working Temperature: 40℃
Coverage (one charge): 500㎡ ±20%
Working Capacity: 1500㎡ ±20%
Battery Information:
Battery: 1 x Rechargeable lithium battery
Battery Capacity: 4400mAh
Model: 18650
Battery Voltage: 29.4V (shipped with built in battery)
Charging Time: ≤ 2 hours
Average Operating Hours: 2-3 hours
Charging Station and Virtual Wires:
Charging Station Product Size: 70x50x17cm / 27.6×19.7×6.7in
Maximum Length of Virtual Wire: 600m/0.5mm
Standard Virtual Wire Length: 100m/0.5mm
Scope of Application: Home yard lawn, green lawn, garden lawn and other robotic lawn mower can be set in advance working hours and rest time;
Lift sensor
Tilt sensor
Collision sensor
Rain sensor
Touch sensor
Mowing schedule
Anti theft function
Cutting width: 21cm
Easy to adjust cutting height
Automatic charging system
Emergency stop switch
Two cutting modes
Overload protection
IP54 waterproof
LCD display
Partition setting
Select different languages.
Smart cut height adjustment
There are seven settings that can be set directly on the monitor.
Virtual wire: If the virtual wire is cut or the charging station loses power, the mower will stop working.
Range: There are four range options that allow the user to select the distance the robot will hit the virtual wire depending on the different lawn conditions.
5 steps to safely start the mower:
There are 5 necessary steps to start the mower:
1. Connect the charging station to the power source through the charger and make sure the charging light is green.
2. Connect the virtual cord to the charging station and make sure it is well connected (the virtual cord light is colorless).
3. Turn on the power button and turn the emergency button.
4. If selected, enter the password and select the mode.
5. Select the working time (10-500 minutes) as needed.

Package List:

1 x Mower

1 x Mower Charging Stand

1 x Manual

1 x Charger

1 Roll x Wire

100 x Nail

10 x Wire Connector

4 x Charging Stake Nail

16 x Accessories


Do not leave the mower unattended if you know there are pets, children or people nearby Mow only in daylight or good artificial light Avoid operating the mower on wet grass. Do not operate the mower barefoot or in open‑toed sandals. Always wear heavy shoes and long pants. Always make sure you have a foothold on a slope. Use extreme caution when backing the mower toward you. Always turn on the mower with your feet away from the blades as instructed.

How to use:Charge the lawn mower robot and then operate it through the manual to use.

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