1 Set Epoxy Resin Pigment Kit Art Ink Alcohol Liquid Colorant Dye Diffusion Pigment For DIY UV Epoxy Resin Mold Jewelry Making


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Material: Silicone

Item Type: Jewelry Findings

Model Number: Epoxy Resin Pigment Kit

Features 1: Epoxy Resin Pigment Kit

Features 2: Art Ink Alcohol Liquid Colorant

Features 3: Diffusion Pigment

Features 4: Epoxy Color Pigment Dye

Use 1: UV Epoxy Resin Mold Pigment

Use 2: Jewelry Making Pigment Dye



01 style:
Specification: 10ml/bottle
Features: high concentration, no fading
Uses: suitable for resin paintings, fluid paintings and various decorations
Note: You need to use white color shallow sedimentation and white color deep sedimentation to have the sedimentation effect shown in the picture.

Packing list
24 bottle/pack

02–03 style:
Solubility: oily color essence
Function: toning, dyeing, pigment
Purpose: DIY crystal glue/UV glue coloring
Product advantages: bright colors, good transparency, easy to disperse, easy to penetrate, easy to color
Packing specification: 10g

04 style:
Color essence: solid color
Capacity: 10g
Specification: Bottle-height 67.8*width 20.4mm
Packing list:17 bottle/pack

05 style:
Epoxy Resin Pigment 13 Colors Liquid Epoxy Resin Dye 0.35oz High Concentrated Colorant
This is a resin pigment in liquid form, with flower favor,
You can mix it with other pigment(s) to achieve your desired color.
Just add a very small amount to your resin project and you can see the result!
We recommend not adding a lot of pigment to your work at the same time,
But add it a little bit to see the shadow change from light to dark

Dimensions: 6.7x 2cm/2.64×0.79
Net weight: 10ml
Transition: 1cm = 10mm = 0.39 inches
Packing list:13 bottles/set

06 style:
Material: Shade beam color fine
Color: starry sky blue, starry sky red, starry sky purple, starry sky green, starry sky yellow, star blank, starry sky gold, starry sky silver, starry sky copper, starry sky red tung
Specification: 10G/bottle

07-08 style:
Name: Metal blooming artistic color essence
Specification: 15ML/60ML
Color: Gold/Silver/Copper/Gun/Rose Gold/Pearl White
Features: high concentration, no fading. Uses: suitable for resin paintings, fluid paintings, various decorations, and the creation of home decoration art
Usage: Shake it before use, and drop it directly into the crystal glue that has been prepared. There is no need to drop the white halo dyeing essence. After dropping the crystal glue, there is no need to stir, and the 3D color essence will automatically diffuse. The operation is simpler and the use is more convenient.

Packing list
6 colors + color packaging box

09-12 style::
Material: color fine
Specification: 10ml*6 bottles
Color: four colors of spring, summer, autumn and winter

13 style:Material: Metal halo dye
Specifications: 10ml*12 bottles/box
Color: ruby red, burgundy, brown, bronze, silver gray, dark gray, coffee, dark gold, red gold, gold, turquoise, gold
Box size: 9*8.7*9cm

14-15style:Material: halo dye
Specifications: 10ml*12 bottles/box
Color: Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Finch Blue/Royal Blue/Purple/Black/Brown/Violet/Deep Settling White/Light Settling White


16 style:Material: halo dye
Specifications: 10ml*16 bottles/box
Color: sapphire blue, grass green, red, black, yellow, gold, orange, purple, pink, light sedimentation white, deep sedimentation white, emerald green, green, sky blue, silver gray, violet
Box size: 9*8.7*9cm

17 style:Material: transparent color essence
Specifications: 10ml*16 bottles/box
Box size: 9*8.7*9cm
Color: white/brown/black/purple/sweet orange/sky blue/violet/dark blue/grass green/light blue/dark green/pink/green/yellow/red/gold


18 style:Material: Pearlescent color essence
Specifications: 16 bottles/set
Color: brown/big red/pink/dark green/phantom red/gold/coffee/yellow/silver black/sapphire blue/fruit green/green/white/gloss blue/rose red/purple

19 style:Material: Second-generation color essence set
Specifications: 5ml*24 bottles
Color: red, blue, green, white, rose red, yellow, orange, purple, violet, coffee, Chinese red, fuchsia, light blue, golden yellow, black, royal blue, dark green, peach, gray, pink , lemon yellow, light cyan, brown, light green,


20 style:Material: solid color essence
Specifications: 24 bottles/set
Color: yellow/yellow brown/lotus lotus/light blue/grey/big red/pink blue/light purple/violet/sweet orange/flesh/black/fluorescent green/grass green/light green/green/fluorescent yellow/blue/yellow/watermelon red/turmeric/pink/orange/white


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01-24pcs-10ml, 02-20pcs-10ml, 03-16pcs-10ml, 04-17pcs-10ml, 05-13pcs-10ml, 06-10pcs-10ml, 08-6pcs-60ml, 13-12pcs-10ml, 14-12pcs-10ml, 15-12pcs-10ml, 16-16pcs-10ml, 17-16pcs-10ml, 18-16pcs-10ml, 19-24pcs-5ml, 20-24pcs-10ml

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